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    We know how fast you need to go and baby it's FAST! Let us get you there and hopefully a Road Runner feast will be included.

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    These are exlodingly great deals and selection. So don't delay.

  • The great thing about this model is that it is dual purpose. Not only will it get you from point A to point B in a matter of moments it will also double as a highly explosive weapon. 

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  • Need a reliable trigger for your explosives? Look no further than right here. The ACME trigger is well constructed and very sensitive. So sensitive that even a butterfly could set off your bomb. This trigger comes in many colors to meet your style needs.

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  • Another item in the Acme Jet Propelled Line of products is the Acme Jet Propelled Unicycle, which even the most unbalanced individual can ride with ease.

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  • Tired of running or walking? Want to get to point A from point B fast? A jet motor is just the thing for you.

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  • Available in several sizes, including regular. The ACME Bat-Man Outfit will have you flying like a bat in no time.

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  • Uses of ACME Anvils are not limited to metal smiths, they also can be dropped on road runner's head or used as counter weights in advance contraption design and methodology. Works well as a paper weight!

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  • Use clear paint instead of invisible paint to get the effect you need. Clear allows the user to still see the outline of the object giving the effect that the item is made of glass or ice.

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